College & Career

Comprised of college age through young marrieds, College & Career meets Wednesday nights at 7 PM for Bible Study and has various activities each month.

Upcoming Events:

6/9 - Laser Tag/Escape Room

Youth Group

A group specifically for teenagers. We have meetings every Sunday and Wednesday, as well as activities throughout the month.

Upcoming Events: 

6/9 - Laser Tag/Escape Room

Sunday School

We have Sunday School classes for every age group on Sunday morning. 

Children's Ministries

Every Sunday during the Sunday school hour we have classes tailored specifically for children. We also have Patch the Pirate Club which meets Wednesday at 7:00 PM

Upcoming Events: 

Next Class

A class for the next generation of church leaders, this group consists of the college and career age through married with kids. We meet every Sunday during the Sunday school hour.

Upcoming Events: